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Early Miscellaneous Lures

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"I really like Expert Minnows and would love to hear about any others that might be available for sale or trade".


A School of "Expert Minnows"

lure1 lure2 lure3
F.C. Woods with later style Keeling props. "The Expert" stamped in Green. Early F.C.Woods in Aluminum with the wood box. "The Expert" stamped in Red. F.C.Woods with early bowtie props. "The Expert" stamped in Brown.
lure4 lure5 lure6
Clark's 3 hook Expert Minnow in Gold. Round body Woods Expert with No name on side. Keeling props. Round thin body 5-hook Woods Expert. Large front prop and small rear prop.
lure7 lure8 lure9
Round thin body Woods 3-hook Expert. Large and small props. No name on side. Not sure on this one. It appears to be pre Woods, yet uses the drilled Bowtie props. Round Body F.C. Woods 5-Hook Expert Minnow.
lure10 lure11 lure12
Woods 3-hook. "The Expert" stamped in Green. Early Flatside Woods 3-hook Expert Minnow. Also known as the patent model for type 1 detachable hooks. F.C.Woods Round body 5-hook Expert. No name on side.
lure13 lure14 lure15
3-Hook Clark's Expert Minnow. Tiny model that utilizes the early rounder body Woods body style.
J.L. Clark 5-Hook Expert Minnow
F.C. Woods 3-Hook Expert Minnow. Expert printed in Green. Type 2 hooks.
F.C.Woods Round body 3-hook Expert. No name on side.
lure17   lure18
Keeling 5-hook Expert. "The Expert" stamped in Green. lure19
Keeling No Eyed 3-hook Expert Minnow. Rockford, Illinois. c. 1916
Keeling Expert. Clear eyes and type 2 hooks.

Livingston S. Hinckley. Newark, New Jersey. c. 1897
L.S. Hinckley Aluminum Fish Phantom and Box. c. 1897, Newark, New Jersey.
lure21 lure22
L.S. Hinckley Yellow Bird and Box. c. 1897, Newark, New Jersey.
L.S. Hinckley Fish Phantoms. c. 1897

Biff Bait Company. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. c. 1925/26
Biff Musky Spiral Spinner. c. 1925
2 scarce Aluminum Biff Spiral Baits. Muskie and Pike size. c.1926
Biff Bait Co., Gold Plated All Around Bait and Muskie Special in the box. c. 1926
Size comparison of Biff Muskie Special and standard Biff Muskie Spiral. c. 1926
  lure27   lure28
Biff Bait Co., Nickel Plated All Around Bait and Muskie Special in the box. c. 1926
Biff Bait Pikie Spiral Spinner Lure and Box. circa 1925
Close up of Aluminum and Copper Master Biff Plug.
Master Biff Plug. c. 1926
Color Collection of Master Biff Plugs including a very rare Aluminum and Copper Head. c. 1926
lure32 lure33
Biff Bait Surface Double Wobbler Lure and Box. c.1925
Biff Bait Surface Single Wobbler Lure and Box. c. 1925   Biff Bait Whoopie Biff Plug and Box. c. 1926

Fred C. Keeling and Company
  Very tiny Keeling Tom in marked box. c. 1920.  
Keeling Tom Thumb Wiggler and Box. Rockford Illinois. c. 1920
lure37 lure38
Keeling Surface Tom. c. 1920
  Early Keeling's Pike Kee-Wig in over labeled Tom Box. c. 1920.  
Keeling's Tom Thumb in Box. c. 1920.
lure40 lure41
Keeling's Lure in Hico Box.
  Very rare Keeling's Intro Flapper Box with 2 variations of the Flapper.  
lure42 lure43
Keeling's Expert Minnow and Box. Fred C. Keeling and Co. Rockford, Illinois. c. 1914
Early Keeling's Wiggler in Box. c. 1914   Keeling's Kee-Wig in Box. c. 1928

Glass Minnow Tubes and Cages.
Detroit Glass Minnow Tube and Picture Box. c. 1916, Detroit, Michigan.
Welch and Graves Glass Minnow Tube. c. 1893
lure47 lure48
Welsh & Graves Minnow Tube with Rare German Silver Cap. c. 1893, Natural Bridge, New York.
  Welch & Graves, Pfeiffer, and Detroit Glass Minnow Tubes.  
Detroit Magnifying Glass Minnow Tube with Celluloid Cap and Loop Line Tie. c. 1914
Detroit Live Minnow Cage. Detroit Bait Co. c.1910

Eureka and Coldwater Bait Companies. Coldwater, Michigan.
lure51   lure52   lure53
Coldwater Finch. Eureka Bait Co. Coldwater, Michigan. c. 1914.   King Wiggler. Coldwater Bait Co. Coldwater, Michigan. c. 1920.   Eureka Wiggler. Eureka Bait Co. Coldwater, Michigan. c. 1914.
  lure54   lure55  
  Coldwater Ghost. Coldwater Bait Co. Coldwater, Michigan. c.1920.   Hell Diver. Coldwater Bait Co. Coldwater, Michigan. c.1918.  
Turner's Casting Bait. Zachary T. Turner, Coldwater, Michigan. c. 1904 

The Charmer Minnow Company. Springfield, Missouri.
Blunt nose Charmer Minnow. c. 1910
Charmer Minnow. c. 1910
Charmer Minnow. c. 1910, Springfield, Missouri.
lure60 lure61
Charmer Minnow. c. 1910, Springfield, Missouri.
Charmer Minnow and Box. c. 1910, Springfield, Missouri.

Immell Bait Company. Blair, Wisconsin.  
lure62 lure63
Chippewa Bass Bait. c. 1913
Chippewa Pike Bait. c. 1913 lure65 Chippewa Bass Size Bait and early Box. c. 1910, Blair, Wisconsin.
  Musky Chippewa Bait. Immell Bait Co. Blair, Wisconsin. c.1913  

A.F. Bingenhiemer. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow. c. 1905, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Bings Weedless Nemahbin Minnow. c. 1905
Metalized Bing's Nemahbin Minnow. c. 1905, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

W.J. Jamison Company.  Chicago, Illinois
lure69 lure70
Jamison Nemo Bass Bait. c. 1910, Chicago, Illinois.
No. 1 Convertible Coaxer and Box. W.J. Jamison Co., Chicago, Illinois. c. 1905   No. 2 Coaxer and Box. W.J. Jamison Co., Chicago, Illinois. c. 1905
Wig-Wag or GEP Bait with original Box. W.J. Jamison Co. Chicago, Illinois. c. 1934.
Wig-Wag or GEP Bait with Original Box., W.J. Jamison Bait Co. Chicago, Illinois c.1934

Jacob Hansen.  Muskegon, Michigan.
Muskegon Spoon Jack Minnow. c. 1920, Muskegon, Michigan.
Michigan Life-Like Minnow. Jacob Hansen. Muskegon, Michigan. c. 1908.

C.W. Lane Mfg. Co.  Madrid, New York.
Lane's Wonder Wagtail Wobbler. c. 1924
lure77 lure78
Lanes Baby Wagtail Wobbler. c. 1924
  Lane's Wonder Wagtail Wobbler. c. 1924.  

Jim Donaly Baits.  Bloomfield, New Jersey.
Jim Donaly Redfin Minnow. c. 1911, Bloomfield, New Jersey.
Jim Donaly Redfin Minnow. c. 1911, Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Some other early miscellaneous fishing lures.
lure82 lure81
3 Lockharts and a Eureka Wiggler. c. 1914
Pontiac Minnow. Pontiac Mfg. Co., Pontiac, Michigan. c. 1909   Pepper National Minnow, Joseph E. Pepper, Rome, New York. c. 1907
Kalamazoo Minnow. c. 1904
Lockhart's Wagtail Witch and Box. c. 1909, Galesburg, Michigan. 
The Freeport Hook. c. 1904
North Channel Minnow. c. 1903, Detroit, Michigan.
lure88 lure89
North Channel Minnow. c. 1903
  Jim Dandy Wobbler and Box. c. 1915, Chicago, Illinois.  
3 stages of Michigan Ypsilanti Minnows. c. 1909 and newer.
Moonlight Floating Bait in Kingfisher Box. c. 1910.
Oliver & Gruber Glowurm. c. 1920, Medical Lake, Washington.
lure94 Paulson's Combination Minnow and Box. Fred Paulson. Geneva, Illinois. c. 1922. lure95
Myers and Spellman. c. 1914. lure96 K & K Animated Minnow. K & K Manufacturing Co. Toledo, Ohio. c. 1907.
lure97 Success Spinner in Fish Stringer Box. Horrocks & Ibbotson Co. Utica, New York, c. 1910. lure98
Walton Speed Bait. Walton Products. Rochester, New York. c.1928.   The Reliance Wood Minnow. An early relative to the Harkauf. c. 1904

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