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Other Major Lure Companies

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This page is devoted to the 5 major early lure manufacturers. Heddon, Creek Chub, Pflueger, Shakespeare, and South Bend. There is so much to offer from these companies, that one could not collect them all in a lifetime. Below are some examples.


James Heddon and Sons       Dowagiac, Michigan

Heddon Minnows in Green Crackleback.

lure1 lure2 lure3
Heddon Wood Box model #100 Minnow. c. 1908 Heddon L-rig model #150 Minnow. c. 1917 Heddon Wood Box model #150 Minnow. c. 1908


Heddon #1600 Deep Diving Wiggler and Box. c. 1915

Heddon L-rig model #100 Minnow. c. 1917

Heddon Bass Bug and Box.
lure7 lure8
Heddon Artistic Minnow and Bouy. c. 1907 Heddon #402 Bucktail Surface Minnow. c.1908
lure9 lure10 lure11
Heddon "OO" Minnow. c. 1915 Heddon #350 Musky Surfusser. c. 1937 Heddon Dowagiac #900 Swimming Minnow. c.1910
lure13   lure12
Ultra Casting Minnow. This is a Heddon Contract Minnow. c. 1907
Heddon #3000 Spin-Diver. c. 1918       Heddon #300 Surface Minnow. c.1918
  Heddon "Slope Nose" Expert. c. 1907-08, Dowagiac, Michigan.  


South Bend Bait Company    South Bend, Indiana
  lure16   lure17  
  South Bend Vacuum Bait. c. 1921   Early South Bend Surf-Oreno. c. 1916  


Pflueger Enterprise Mfg. Co.  Akron, Ohio
lure18 lure19 lure20
Pflueger Surprise Minnow and Box, c. 1915, Akron, Ohio. 3 Pflueger Metalized Minnows. c. 1912 3 early Pflueger Competitor Minnows. c. pre 1910
lure21 lure22
Pflueger Kent Floater. c. 1912, Akron, Ohio.
Pflueger Wizard Minnow. c. 1903   Pflueger Wizard Wooden Minnow in original Wood Slide Top Box. Akron, Ohio, c. 1903


William Shakespeare Co.      Kalamazoo, Michigan
Shakespeare painted Baby Revolution with Rhodes Props. c. 1909
Shakespeare B-notch prop Musky Revolution and 2 Baby Revolutions. c. 1902
Shakespeare painted standard Revolution with B-Notched props. c. 1909
Group of Shakespeare Revolutions. c. 1902-1909
Shakespeare #44 Minnow and Box and large paperwork. c. 1918, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Shakespeare #44 Minnow in Wood Box. c. 1909, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
lure30 lure31
Kalamazoo Minnow. c. 1904
Shakespeare Whirlwind Spinner. c. 1910
  Shakespeare Whirlwind Spinner. c. 1910


Creek Chub Bait Company    Garrett, Indiana
Frame of Creek Chub Wee Dees, Weed Bugs, Pollywiggles, and Gar Minnows.
Creek Chub #100 Wiggler. c. 1910
Creek Chub Sucker. c. 1932, Garrett, Indiana.
lure36 lure37
Creek Chub Gar Minnow. c. 1927, Garrett, Indiana.
Creek Chub Big Bug Wiggler. c. 1920, Garrett, Indiana.   Creek Chub Weed Bug. c. 1927, Garrett, Indiana.



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