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    My name is Randy Nelson.  I live in North-West Indiana.  I have been an avid collector of old fishing lures and other old fishing related items for the past 14 years or more.  My specific collecting interests have changed throughout the years, but I guess I still love it all.  Of particular interest to me are early lures and reels manufactured in Indiana, but also have a passion for any early fishing lures and reels of historical significance.  I am a Taxidermist by trade and make my living doing this. When I am not busy mounting a fish, I am out trying to catch one, or.........trying to add another piece of old tackle to my collection. I am a member of the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club, NFLCC, and encourage anyone else interested in this hobby to join. This is a fascinating hobby, and I just can't seem to get enough of it.  Please feel free to call or e-mail anytime whether you'd just like to talk about lures, have a question for me, or have something you'd like to sell.  I'd love to hear from you in any case.

Feel free to e-mail me at or call (219) 242-0804
Randy Nelson

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