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Lures made in Indiana

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There are many more fascinating old lures and boxes that I could use to add to this collection of early Indiana lures. I would like to thank each and everyone who has helped me so far.


Color collection of rotating Bite Em Bates. c. 1920. Warsaw/Fort Wayne, Indiana.
lure1 lure2 lure3
Bite-Em-Bate Revoling Lure. c. 1920. Warsaw, Indiana Bite-Em Water Mole and Box, c. 1920, Warsaw, Indiana. Bite-Em-Bate Revolving Lure, c. 1920, Warsaw, Indiana.
lure4 lure5 lure6
Bite-Em Wiggler and Box. c. 1920. Warsaw, Indiana. Bite-Em Water Mole and Box. c. 1920. Warsaw, Indiana. Bite-Em Wiggler in different box variation.


Dickens Bait Company, Ft. Wayne, Indiana. c. 1919-1920.


F.G. Worden 3-hook Minnow, c.1905, and Combination Minnow, c.1903.
lure9 lure0
F.G. Worden Spinner Bait. c. 1905, South Bend, Indiana.
F.G. Worden's Ketch-em. c. 1905. South Bend, Indiana.
F.G. Worden's 5-hook Minnow. c. 1905. South Bend, Indiana.
  F.G. Worden Surface Minnow, c. 1908, South Bend, Indiana.  
lure33   lure44
Carter's Bestever "Minnow-Like Wiggler" with Box and Paperwork. Mfg. Indianapolis, Indiana. c. 1924.   Manitou Minnow with Box, Papers, and Wrench. Mfg. Rochester, Indiana. c. 1904.
Clark Bros. Make'Em Bite. Mfg. in LaPorte, Indiana. c. 1926.


Clark Bros. Make'Em Bite in a very rare box.
Grieders Retreating Minnow, Mfg. by Jethro A. Grieder in Cromwell, Indiana. Patented Oct. 31, 1933.
lure88 lure99
Manufactured by Albert Replogle in Michigan City, Indiana.
  Howe's Vacuum Bait and Tin. North Manchester, Indiana. c. 1909.  
lure00 lure111
This Chunk Bait is nothing pretty to look at but it was purchased from the Comstock family many years ago, and it is believed to be one of the first baits that he carved.
Darby Spin Head Weedles Bait. Mfg. Whiting, Indiana. c. 1934.   Baby darby Bait. The bottom lure is the smaller version of the Darby Spin-head Weedless Bait.
Comstock Weedless Chunk Bait. Mfg. Valparaiso, Indiana. Patent applied for in 1923.
Comstock Chunk Bait in Luminous.
Another variation of the Comstock Bait and Box.
lure777 Staley-Johnson Twin-Min Floater, c. 1949, Fort Wayne, Indiana. lure888
Outing Du-Getum and Box, c. 1925, Elkhart, Indiana.   Dewey's Du-Getum and Intro Box, c. pre-1925, Elkhart, Indiana.
lure000 Dewey's Feather Getem. Outing Mfg. Co., Elkhart, Indiana. c. 1926 lure1111
Early Keller Gets-Em prototype lure2222 Keller Gets-Em. Mfg. Rochester, Indiana. c. 1916.


lure3333 The Ackerman Minnow. c. 1906, Monticello, Indiana. lure4444
Go-Getter Lure. Originally Hayes Bait Co. than sold to Hildebrandt. Logansport, Indiana. c. 1927   Hardy Minnow. Mfg. by J.A. Hardy in Lakeville, Indiana. c. 1910.

Items pictured below are some very rare and seldom seen early Indiana lures and their boxes. These pictures are loaned to this website courtesy of the "Antique Lure Connection".
lure5555 lure6666 lure7777
Intro Bite-Em-Bate Box. c.1917, Warsaw, Indiana.
Bite-Em Pork Bait and Box. c. 1922, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Bite-Em-Bug Box. c. 1920, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  lure8888     lure9999  
Henkenius Kane and Box. c. 1900, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Submarine Bait with Box. c. 1912, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
lure0000   lure11111   lure22222
Wilcox Wiggler and Surface Minnow with Box. c. 1907, Elwood, Indiana.
Hardy Interchangeable Minnow and Box. c. 1904, Monticello, Indiana.
Ketch-Em Minnow with Box. c. 1903, South Bend, Indiana.
lure33333 lure44444 lure55555
The Smith Minnow. c. 1905, LaGrange, Indiana.
Howes Vacuum Bait in Cardboard Box. c. 1909, North Manchester, Indiana.
The Bowersox Minnow. c.1907, Portland, Indiana.
Deweys Floater Getum with Box. c.1926, Elkhart, Indiana.
J.A. Hardy's Minnow with Box. c. 1910, Lakeville, Indiana.
Gaide Baits. c. 1896, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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