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Indiana Style Reels

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This page consists of different varieties and types of Indiana Style Reels. For the most part, these are what I term the "Tined" varieties, and are my favorites to collect. There are many other "Round" variations also. These reels are termed Indiana styles because the biggest majority of them were designed and manufactured in Indiana during the teens through the 30's. There are also quite a few other varieties that were made in the surrounding states, and many unmarked and homemade versions.

I am interested in all of them. It really makes my day when I can add a new one or a variation to this collection, and I would really get excited if I could add a box or paperwork. I would truly appreciate any help adding another one to my collection. And many thanks to all that have helped me so far.

Shakespeare Hoosier Reel. Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Shakespeare "Intro" version of the Hoosier Reel. This is a very scarce variety.


Shakespeare Hoosier. This painted style was made for only 2 years.
reel4 Unmarked 4-Tine. Aluminum Hub and Brass Tines. reel5
Heddon Winona in Box. Dowagiac, Michigan. reel6
Southworth Reel.
Goite and Box. Birmingham, Michigan.
reel7 reel8 reel9
Monarch Reel with name and patent date. Monarch Reel with patent date, name, and O.K. Machine Company. Monarch Reel. Patent date only. No other markings. Fort Wayne, Indiana.
reel10   reel11   reel12
MARC Reel with aluminum tines.   Unmarked Brass 6-Tine.   MARC Reel with brass tines.
reel13 reel14 reel15
Henry A. Kiest in older tin with Winchester store tag. Knox, Indiana. Kuntz Reel. S.L. Kuntz Manufacturing. Henry A. Kiest in labeled tin. Knox, Indiana.
reel16 reel17 reel18
Unmarked 4-Tine   .  Unmarked 6-Tine. Benson Anti-Backlash.
reel19 reel20 reel21
Another variation of the Peters Reel. Peters Line Dryer and Casting Reel. Knox, Indiana. Another variation of the Peters Reel.
reel22 reel23 reel24
N.S. Adjustable Reel with Line Guide. Another variation of the Peters Reel. N.S. Adjustable Reel. Mfg. National Specialties Co. Ft. Wayne, Indiana.
reel26 Size comparison for large Heavy Duty Aluminum Reel. reel27
Another Unmarked Heavy Duty aluminum Reel. This is a very big Reel. I call it "The Ships Wheel". reel28
Unmarked Brass 4-tine in a really neat tin box.
Unmarked Heavy Duty Aluminum Reel.
reel29 reel30 reel31
Unmarked Brass 6-Tine. Unmarked and looks homemade. Unmarked.
reel32 reel33 reel34
Kiest Reel in Red Tin. A really neat Unmarked Reel with attached line guide Kiest Reel in Box. This box was never put into production. Henry Kiest died shortly after producing it.
reel35 reel36
Creek Chub Wawasee Reel. Mfg. by O.K. Machine Co. for Creek Chub. .
Marc Reel with Script Writing and Box.
Willoughby Reel and Box. Indianapolis, Indiana.
Another Unmarked variety Indiana Reel.
Another Unidentified Unmarked Indiana Style Reel.
    Below is a detailed list of many of the antique fishing reels that I am looking for. I would be interested in purchasing a single reel and/or box, or several. I am intersted in any Indiana Style Reel, Kentucky Reel, Early Non Levelwinding Reels manufactured by Pennell and Montague, Baitcasting, Tournament Reels, Saltwater Reels, Fly Reels, and more. I pay much more for reels in boxes. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out. If you have something that is not on this list, please feel free to run it by me also.
    Abbey & Imbrie, Abu Ambassadeur, T.H. Bates, Benson, Billinghurst Birdcage Reels, Bluegrass Reel, Boyer Winona, Bradford & Anthony, J.A. Coxe, Carlton Mfg. Co., Chamberlain Cartridge Co., J.C. Conroy, Cozzone, Creek Chub Wawasee, DNT Spider, Follett, Fullilove, George W. Gayle, Rev-O-Noc, Hardworth, Hardy Bros., James Heddon and Sons, Hendryx, Henshall Van Antwerp, Horton Mfg. Co., Bluegrass, Meek, Haywood, Illingsworth, Jamison, Henry A. Kiest, Kiest Reel, H.H. Kiffe, Kosmic Reel Co., S.L. Kuntz, Leonard, Liberty Bell, Litchfield, Louisville Castin Co., Marshall Field, McGregor-Noe, Milam, B.C. Milam, B.C. Milam & Sons, Meek-Milam, B.F. Meek, B.F. Meek & Sons, J.F. & B.F. Meek, Meisselbach, Micro-Motor, Monarch, Montague, Moonlight, National Specialty Co., OK Machine Co., C.F. Orvis, G.W. Payne, Penn, Pennell, Peters Bait Company, Pettigill, Pflueger, 4 Brothers, Rider Casting Reel, Rochester Reel Co., Schmelzer Arms Co., Schooenfeld Gutter Sea Gull, William Skaespeare Jr., W.S. Jr., Shakespeare Hoosier, Oval Logo, Early South Bend Reels, Intro South Bend Reel Boxes, Pekin, Stockford, Talbot, Talbot Reel & Mfg. Co., Abercrombie & Fitch, Comet, Meteor, Neptune, Niangua, Star, Eli Terry, Virginia Reel, Edward Vom Hofe, Frederick Vom Hofe, Julius Vom Hofe, Wheeler & McGregor, Thos. E. Wilson, Wilson Wobbler Good Luck Reel, Willoughby, Winchester, Yawman & Erbe, etc....Please view my other pages to see a list of the many Antique Fishing Lures and boxes that I am also always interested in purchasing.

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